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Can I add videos to a slide?

Yes, Webm videos from Commons can be added as a media file to a VideoWiki slide.

Can I add multiple images to a slide?

Yes, multiple images/videos from Commons can be added to a VideoWiki slide, and the timing of the image/video to be displayed can be controlled on VideoWiki.

Image does not show up in the video?

This can occur due to a number of reasons. One may be that the image you are trying to use is only on Wikipedia and is not on Commons. There also remains issues with .svg files.

Video is not compiling?

Are you 100% sure you have the correct "name" for your video script? It MUST begin with "Wikipedia:VideoWiki/" no exceptions at this point in time.

Were does the voice come from and is it openly licensed?

The voice comes from Amazon Polly. As the text is CC BY SA 3.0 the output must also be under the same license. This is supported by the legal opinion here and text from AWS.[1]

What file formats are supported for media?

File formats that are currently supported include .jpg, .png, and .webm.

The file format .svg is not well supported as of May 2, 2019 but work is ongoing to improve this. Support for .gov is pending.

Can I export the video using my voice instead of the TTS?

Yes, you can.