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IIAB front page, Nicaragua edition, 2016

Disk images that can be flashed onto the storage cards will be created as image files. They are a basic starting point that local deployments can add to once they received the boxes.

We will later allow customization of such lists, and add the ability to donate more modules for this use.


A bookshelf of what all Wikipedia's medical content at the end of 2013 would look like if printed in volumns the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica. This does not include pictures.

The Internet-in-a-Box comes preloaded with Wikimedia content including various collections packaged to be read with Kiwix, such as:

  • (CC BY SA) All of WP in specific languages
  • (CC BY SA) Specific topic area collections
  • (CC BY SA) WikiProjectMed:Offline medical apps (apks) that can be downloaded and installed on the persons cell phone

Openly licensed collections

Not openly licensed


A memorandum of understand (draft) will be required for content not under an open license (Note NC and ND licenses are not open).

How to make a module

  • Instructions from RACHEL. We use the same module design.

Future plans

A mock-up of a potential website to allow creation of IIAB images.

Allow the creation and customization of images via a web browser interface. The underlying site will take care of the putting together of the modules and allow download of a fully functional image ready to be written to an uSD card.

  • Basically people click on radio buttons to select all the modules they want.
  • Buttons at the top allow the sorting of modules based on tags attached to them
  • As modules are selected the "total size" in the right upper hand corner increases to reflect the total size.
  • When they have all the modules they want they click "create and download image" and up pops a screen to verify that these are what they want. Allows the user to adjust the sequence they appear in. And than when they confirm the image is created and delivered for download.
  • People can also request a unit (both hardware, software, and data) to be created and delivered or upload new modules of their own creation. New modules will need a review process to verify copyright compatibility before going live.

Size (in GB)

Subj\Lang en es pt fr ar fa zh
Wikipedia 1.2 0.25 0.15 0.3 0.25 0.15 0.15
Khan Acad Lite 42* ? ?
Open Street Map 1 (L8)
Offline Med Wiki (apk) 1.1 0.3
Osmosis video 3.5
Hesperian 0.8 ~
WikEm 1.4
Practical Action pack 1.1

* Can be sliced by topic and other ways, to any size you like.