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Ambuj Saxena

Ambuj Saxena

Personal Life
Birthdate: 2 August, 1984
Nationality: Indian
Birthplace: Jabalpur, M.P.
Residence: Bangalore (Karnataka)
Profession: Employee (Royal Dutch Shell)
Languages: FiveHindi, English, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu
Family: Sonam Sinha (Wife), Ankur (Brother)
Wikipedia Career
Username: Ambuj.Saxena
Registered on: 5 February 2006
First edit: 5 February 2006
User group: User
Wiki philosophy: Eventualist
Current signature: Ambuj Saxena (talk)
E-mail: Through Wikipedia | Directly
#wikipedia nickname: Ambuj
Sock-puppet: Ambuj in exile
Impostors: Two
Barnstars received: Eight

Ambuj Saxena (अम्बुज सक्सेना) (born 2 August 1984) is an Indian Wikipedian, registered and active since 5 February 2006. A regular editor for over two years, he no longer edits on a daily basis and chooses to edit only when he finds mistakes while wiki-surfing.

He has completed his studies from the IIT Kharagpur (West Bengal), having done his majors in Mechanical Engineering and masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Currently, he is an employee of Royal Dutch Shell.

Early life

He was born in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). He is one of the twins born to his parents. His brother's name is Ankur Saxena. Ambuj did his schooling from a number of schools in Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore. He completed his school education (12th standard) from St. Paul Higher Secondary School. After completing his schooling, he took admission in Mechanical Engineering department of IIT Kharagpur.[1] His brother also came to the same IIT to do his majors in Computer Science.

Wikipedia life

Ambuj Saxena made his first edit to Wikipedia on 5 February 2006 to the Wikipedia page of IIT Kharagpur.[2] In that edit, he added the institute's motto in Devanagari script. After subsequent edits to improve the IIT's article, he created his first Wikipedia page — an article of linguistics and slang used in IIT Kharagpur. This article was deleted after a debate found the article not-encyclopedic. The source of the article was a blog maintained by him,[3] and can also be found in his user sub-page. Undeterred by the deletion, he continued working for Wikipedia. He changed his username from Ambuj.saxena to Ambuj.Saxena citing "inconsistent capitalization" as the reason.[4]

Ambuj Saxena helped the IIT and IIT Kharagpur articles attain featured status

Apart from editing articles, a lot of his contributions include reverting vandalism via recent changes patrolling as well as wikification, categorization and standardization of articles. He prefers working as a WikiGnome. He helped Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in becoming featured articles. Ambuj Saxena also helped many other articles reach the Featured Article status, like the Nathu La and Indian Standard Time articles. He also worked a lot on referencing of existing India-related featured articles with citation issues, including Economy of India, Flag of India, Sikkim and Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport. His major article contributions can be seen in a web-page maintained by him. Ambuj Saxena also helps maintain the Indian Portal, a work that includes selecting articles, images and DYKs ("Did You Know") from a pool of India-related content on Wikipedia. He also contributes to WikiProject India as an assessor of articles.

He also took the initiative in changing the Wikipedia's logo to remove inconsistencies in Hindi text. The matter was raised with the Wikimedia Foundation and Angela also supported the change.[5] However, because the process that was used to create the original logo is not known to anyone, recreating the logo would mean substantial deviations in appearance when compared to current one. For this reason, the issue was unresolved, eventually resolving after the redesign in mid 2010.[6]

Ambuj Saxena was nominated for sysop by Samir in July. The nomination failed to reach consensus since few editors cited his zealous pursuit on issues like reference standardization and date wiki-linking.[7] Having 110 supports, 40 opposes, and 12 neutral votes, the Request for Adminship (RfA) made it to the list of times when 100 Wikipedians supported something. It was the fourth time on Wikipedia that an RfA did not succeed despite getting more than 100 support votes.[8]

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