List of skin damage from physical causes

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Skin damage from physical causes.[1][2]

Nmae Type Comments Image
Heat injuries Thermal burn
Electrical burn
Hot tar burn
Miliaria Miliaria (DermNet NZ miliaria-3).jpg
Erythema ab igne Erythema ab igne (DermNet NZ reactions-igne2).jpg
Warm water immersion foot
Cold injuries Acrocyanosis
Chilblains Chilblains from excessively icing the feet.jpg
Immersion foot, Trench foot
Actinic injuries Sunburn and solar erythema
Freckle and lentigo
Photoaging Solar lentigo (DermNet NZ lesions-s-solar-lentigo-01).jpg
Chemically induced photosensitivity Phototoxic tar dermatitis
Phytophotodermatitis Acute phytophotodermatitis (DermNet NZ dermatitis-plants-w-phytophotodermatitis-1).jpg
Radiation injuries Acute radiation syndrome Acute radiation dermatitis (DermNet NZ reactions-w-radiation-dermatitis2).jpg

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