List of acne types

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This is list of types of acne.

Type of acne Image
Acne excorie Acne excorieé (DermNet NZ acne-acne-excorie).jpg
Comedonal acne
Superficial mixed comedonal and papulopustular acne
Papulopustular acne
Nodular acne
Severe inflammatory acne
Acne scarring Ice-pick scars (DermNet NZ acne-acne-scar1).jpg
Infantile acne Infantile acne (DermNet NZ acne-infantile-acne5).jpg
Neonatal acne Neonatal cephalic pustulosis (DermNet NZ acne-neonatal-acne3).jpg
SAPHO syndrome Nodulocystic acne conglobata with SAPHO syndrome. (DermNet NZ acne-089-v2).jpg

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