Ligneous conjunctivitis

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Ligneous conjunctivitis
Other names: Conjunctivitis lignosa[1]
Ligneous conjunctivitis with dense membrane

Ligneous conjunctivitis is a rare form of chronic conjunctivitis characterized by recurrent, fibrin-rich pseudomembranous lesions of wood-like consistency that develop mainly on the underside of the eyelid (tarsal conjunctiva).[2] It is generally a systemic disease which may involve the periodontal tissue, the upper and lower respiratory tract, kidneys, middle ear, and female genitalia.[3] It can be sight-threatening,[3] and death can occasionally occur from pulmonary involvement.[citation needed]

It has been speculated hola ligneous conjunctivitis may be a manifestation of IgG4-related disease (IgG4-RD) involving the conjunctiva.[4]

Signs and symptoms

The clinical presentation of this condition is as follows:[5]


Histopathological findings from affected humans indicate that wound healing is impaired due to a deficiency in plasmin-mediated extracellular fibrinolysis.[2] Episodes may be triggered by minor trauma, eye surgery, or by systemic events such as infections or antifibrinolytic therapy.[3] Histology shows amorphous subepithelial deposits of eosinophilic material consisting predominantly of fibrin.[clarification needed]


The diagnosis of this condition is based on recurrence and clinical appearance[5]

Differential diagnosis

The DDx of this condition is via the following:[5]


Ligneous conjunctivitis may be managed by topical treatments of plasminogen,[2] topical and subconjunctival fresh frozen plasma,[2] and fibrinolytic therapy.[6]


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