Buddy strapping

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Buddy strapping
Other names: Buddy wrapping, neighbour strapping, buddy tapping
Buddy taping

Buddy strapping or buddy tapping is a simple treatment for stable broken or dislocated fingers and toes.[1] It involves bandaging the damaged finger or toe together with a neighbouring healthy one.[1]

Medical uses

The bandage or medical tape is usually stiff, not allowing the digits to move; the healthy digit acts as a splint, keeping the damaged one in a natural position for healing. Rest plays a major role in the healing process. Buddy wrapping may also be used for sprains, dislocations, and other injuries.


This treatment may be performed by a physician or other medical professional in a hospital, orthopedic clinic, or other medical facility. Buddy wrapping may also be used when medical help is not immediately available, for example in the wilderness. Buddy wrapping can be a temporary solution or it can be used as a treatment all by itself.

A layer of absorbent cotton or gauze is placed between the digits to prevent the breakdown of the skin with resultant ulcers and/or infection.[2] The bandage is applied loosely, in several non-encircling layers. This avoids cutting off the blood flow to the digit that a too-tight wrap can precipitate. If the damaged part is only partly fractured, e.g., a greenstick fracture, the buddy wrapping method may also be used.[3]

Fractures of the smaller toes are commonly treated by buddy taping.[4] Padding is used between the toes to keep the space dry[5] and the toes aligned comfortably. If the toes are less comfortable when buddy-taped, the buddy tape should be removed.[6]

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