Asthma Life Impact Scale

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Asthma Life Impact Scale
Purposemeasures asthma effect on quality of life

The Asthma Life Impact Scale (ALIS) measure is a disease-specific patient reported outcome questionnaire which assesses the impact that asthma has on a patient’s quality of life.[1]

The questionnaire has 22 items,[1] which goes beyond earlier focus on the symptoms, functioning and environmental triggers of asthma and includes emotional issues.[2]


In 2019 it was estimated that some 262 million individuals worldwide suffered from asthma[3]

The ALIS was developed simultaneously in the UK and in the US via interviews and focus groups.[4]

It was developed and published in 2010 by Galen Research, and was funded by Novartis AG.[1]

It was the first asthma specific quality of life measure that was developed using Item Response Theory.[5]

Items that were featured on the ALIS include: “asthma restricts my social activities”; “asthma affect my close relationships”, “my illness controls me” and “my asthma affects my interest in sex”.[6]

International use

Currently, the ALIS has been translated into 16 different languages,[7] including Russian and Italian.[5]


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