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Upgrade to new servers: 4h

  1. Update export modal to clarify the voice used
  2. Implement connecting videowiki app to a youtube channel
  3. Implement uploading video to youtube on export success
  4. Update links in home page in home page to new mdwiki links

Total worked hours: 9h

Paid for 13 hrs (Paid Mar 1st 2022 $US520)

  1. All media play before moving on 7:41
  2. Get Basque working 01:07
  3. Retry Youtube upload 01:30
  4. Upload to NC Commons 2:39
  5. Fetch images from NC Commons 01:43
  6. Set daily limit 03:12
  7. Global OAuth for Youtube 00:57
  8. Auto upload to Youtube 00:20

Total hours: 19:15 hrs (Paid 768 USD on Apr 13th 2022)

Prior expenses