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Translation Task Force



Integration is about getting articles that have been translated live to the local language Wikipedia. (Every Wikipedia is autonomous, unique, and volunteer driven, so be sensitive to imposing content from one Wikipedia onto another.) The amount of work varies, and depends on:

  • #No. Previous translations (more = generally easier)
  • Quality of previous available (better content often means harder integrating, but more readers/writers/integrators)

The following steps are needed:

  • Step 1 – Downloading and posting an article to the target Wiki
  • Step 2 – Fixing the mark-up and links
  • Step 3 – Fixing inter-wiki links
  • Step 4 – Add redirects to the new article from other commonly used names for the condition
  • Step 5 – Updating the project control panel

Step 1 – Posting the translated article

  1. Articles ready to be integrated can be found at the Wikipedia project control panel on Google docs and marked in orange as    Merge    
  2. Check the target language's Wikipedia to see if the article has already been posted. If this is the case, then you can proceed to Step 2 to make sure the article is fully integrated.
  3. Click on the article in question which will bring you to the TWB website. Log in to the site using
        Username:     Jmh649
        Password:     wikipedia
  4. Click on the file in the "manual delivery" section. This will download a MS Word file.
  5. Go to the Wikipedia language in question. Navigate to the article title in question. You may need to create it if it does not exist.
  6. Copy and paste the content in question. Follow instructions at [1]
  7. List the translators in the edit summary and that the article in question was translated from the English Wikipedia

Step 2 – Fixing mark-up & links

The following things need to be fixed in order for the articles to go Live:

  • Wiki-links
  • Templates
  • Wiki-data links
    • Infoboxes
    • Citations
(For the Polish Wikipedia, see Polish guide)


  • Fixing Wikilinks is rather straight forward, and requires you to find the proper link, and changing it. This is almost only needed on large Wikipedias, where there is content to link to.
Imagine [[hypertoni]] is red on the Swedish target Wiki – hypertoni.
You can go to the English Wiki, look up the hypertonia article, and look for the article link to the bottom left.
In Swedish it may be Högt blodtryck.
If you want to have the old name, but link to the correct article add the name of the link in front of a | like this:
[[högt blodtryck|hypertoni]]
If you want to replace the name entirely just write:
[[högt blodtryck]]
Your link should now be fully functioning
  • It is possible to use the visual editor which will search for linking articles if you press a red link.


Templates can sometimes need fixing:

  • 1: Because the template is not installed (often small Wikipedias, where no translation work has previously been done)
  • 2: Because the template has a different name or format
The Polish Wikipedia is exceptional in using different names and formats, see the Polish guide

1. Installation

If you are working on a small Wikipedia templates may need Template-fixing, which can be done by a Template fixer

2. Different templates


Infoboxes can vary, even on large Wikipedias. If you do not know your way around them you can leave them out and only display the image, or you can ask for help.
If you do leave an infobox out, please comment it out with: <!-- at the beginning of the infobox, and --> at the end. (This only hides the infobox, but does not delete the content.
Many Wikipedias use redirects, which automatically fix infoboxes as soon as they are added, others do not.

If infoboxes are not functioning properly, you may wish to ask for help from a Template fixer or fix the infobox templates yourself (requires some technical knowledge of Templates and Modules)


Citations are rarely a problem, except on very small Wikipedias and on the Polish Wikipedia. For small Wikis fix the templates yourself or ask a Template fixer or fix the templates for citation yourself (requires some technical knowledge of Templates and Modules)

Step 3 – Updating inter-wiki links

Wiki-data links

Wikidata automatically provides a list of all the languages in which an article is available – see the left bar of any article. There is no need to actually go to Wikidata (that is an alternative way to update inter-language data). Instead, follow the screen-shot directions below.

1. This list shows languages the Ebola virus disease article is available.
2. Hit the edit links button to add a new entry
3. Scroll down to the Wikipedia pages linked to this item, and scroll to the bottom of this window.
4. Press the add button, enter the target Wiki and the name of the article on the Wiki. Hit save.

Step 4 - Making redirects in the target language

In most languages many names will refer to a single article. We want to put the article at the main name and then create WP:Redirects from the other names to the main name.

This is very important for medical content because laypersons are unlikely to search by the technical name, for example "flu" needs to redirect to "influenza."

  1. To create a redirect type the name you wish to redirect into the search box in the target language.
  2. If you get "Create the page "<red>XXXX</red>" on this wiki!" click on the text you see in red.
  3. Then add to the edit box #REDIRECT [[Name of where you want to redirect]]

Step 5 – Updating the control panel

Update the Google document titled "Wikipedia project control panel"

Useful tricks

  • You can set the language of the tags within Wikipedia by following these instructions [2]
  • It is possible to get exemption from Captcha globally. Send Doc James a note if you want to look into this to help you with this work.
  • Find and replace is available as part of WP:WikEd. Can be very useful to fix repetitive errors. Does work on English Wikipedia. Needs to be turned on under preferences.
  • If one is "copy and pasting" wiki text, spaces will go missing unless before one hits Ctrl+C one places an extra space before all double brackets "[[" that are flush against the left side of the edit box. This does not apply to [[ at the beginning of paragraphs. One needs to begin at the top and go to the bottom adding spaces.

Get started

  • Please sign up here so that we can get in contact when there is new work
  • You can also start right away by using the resources!

Also feel free to contact CFCF or Doc James if you have any questions or need any additional guidance