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Community organization

The WP:Village pump is often an excellent place to look for help, but not always. Sometimes Facebook groups or other talk pages are the best source for help.

As a community organizer your role is to a build a bridge between the main translation project, and the local language branch. Examples of how to work with community organization would be:

  • Looking for new integrators
  • Informing the community about the project
  • Looking for barriers and trying to find out what stops people from helping out
  • Informing integrators when there is a new article ready
  • Looking for translators
  • Assessing content - does it need to be translated? Marking on the progress pages
  • Updating the progress pages, making sure that live translations are marked as such.


There is no clear path for community organization, and you can pick multiple roles.

Get started

  • Please sign up here so that we can get in contact when there is new work
  • You can also start right away by using the resources!

Also feel free to contact CFCF or Doc James if you have any questions or need any additional guidance