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Assessing content is about checking what content needs to be translated, and marking it as Do or Don't on the progress pages.

  • Not all articles need to be translated.
    • Simple articles (4 paragraph introductions to the topic) should not be translated if the target article is featured or good article class.
This is because we don't want to waste translators time, and also because we do not wish to replace already high quality content.
  • If an article already exists, look at the quality and number of references supporting that article. A translation might provide more references to support the content even when a translation does not seem necessary.
If you believe the translation may be useful anyway, and there are integrators who will use it, we will put the article up for translation.


Get started

  • Please sign up here so that we can get in contact when there is new work
  • You can also start right away by using the resources!

Also feel free to contact CFCF or Doc James if you have any questions or need any additional guidance