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This is a proposal to create a pilot to provide stipends to community tech members who solve technical issues that we at WPM:Wiki Project Med view as important. It is not to replace the meta:Community Tech Team but to supplement their work. The hope is that this will expand the number of community tech members solving bugs and developing tools within the Wikimedia movement. Proposals can be for improvements to any project.

Steps of the process

  1. A two week period for the community to proposal issues in need of fixing
  2. A two week period for the community to weight in on which should be priorities for fixing
  3. A two week period for feedback on how difficult the issue will be to fix and how much of a stipend should be attached.
    1. Notifications of projects may be posted to sites like Upworks
  4. A subcommittee of the Board of Wikimedia Medicine will make the final decisions on which will be funded
  5. An approximately six month time period will be provided to deliver a working solution
  6. Payment will be provided ether via Paypal in USD or a check in Canada dollars (other arrangements may be possible). If more than one person is involved in the effort it is recommended that they decide how to split the funds before starting.

Amount of funds

Well this is not yet set we are looking at putting a few thousand forwards for the first round. If successful we would look at opening up the funding process to more donors and broadening the scope of potential projects.

Technical people

We are recruiting technical volunteers to help access the difficulty of various proposals and thus the level of funding that should be attached to it. Please add your name if interested. Current volunteers include: Fred Trotter.

WPMF subcommittee


Q and A

Q: What if I solve the problem in 4 hours or 4 weeks?

A: Excellent. We will verify that the solution works and distribute the funds at that point in time. The reason for the +/- six month limit is so that Wikimedia Medicine can close a project as unfinished and potentially apply these funds to the next round of efforts.