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There are various models for partnerships between Wiki Project Med and other organizations.

Personal engagement with Wikimedia projects

The core process by means of which Wikipedia and related Wikimedia projects are developed is when an individual contributes information or media to an encyclopedia article or other information listing. This could mean adding facts to Wikipedia articles, uploading images to Wikimedia Commons, sharing documents at Wikisource, or developing datasets at Wikidata. There are various models by means of which organizations can do this.

Casual member Wikipedia editing

Any organization can encourage its members to contribute to any Wikimedia project just like all the other Wikimedia community members do. No invitation is required. There is no hierarchy. Online trainings are available either from automated tutorials or perhaps through video chat with a person. Anyone who supports the nonprofit mission to provide the sum of all health knowledge to all people in their own language is welcome to contribute without asking or getting permission.

Wikipedian in Residence

For organizations which are looking for a deeper level of engagement, having one of their staff members become a "Wikipedian in residence" is an option with some precedent. A Wikipedian in residence is someone at an organization who acts as a liaison between that organization and the Wikimedia community. A typical goal of such a position is to share information from an organization's field of expertise on Wikipedia in accord with Wikipedia's community guidelines.

Health organizations which have had staff serve as Wikipedians in Residence include the following:

Organization Project page(s) Location Wikimedian Time
Open Knowledge Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science Berlin Daniel Mietchen July 2011 - July 2013
Consumer Reports WikiProject Consumer Reports New York Lane Rasberry May 2012 - present
Natural History Museum and Science Museum Natural History Museum and Science Museum London John Cummings March 2013 - January 2014
Cochrane Collaboration Cochrane at the Wikipedia Library Oxford, England Sydney Poore April 2014 – present
Cancer Research UK WikiProject CRUK London John Byrne April 2014 – December 2014
Museum für Naturkunde Museum für Naturkunde Berlin Daniel Mietchen September 2013 - present
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health en:Wikipedia:NIOSH Washington DC Emily Temple-Wood January 2014 - present
Calicut Medical College en:Wikipedia:GLAM/Calicut Medical College/Department of Pathology Kozhikode, Kerala Netha Hussain 2014-2015
Translators Without Borders Translation Task Force Gothenburg, Sweden CFCF 2014-present
UNESCO Grants:PEG/MrjohnCummings/UNESCO Wikimedian in Residence Paris John Cummings 2015

University partnerships

Wiki Project Med participants have supported thousands of students whose universities and classes have participated in Wikipedia projects, usually through the Wikipedia Education program. See Wiki Project Med/education outreach for more information on this special kind of personal engagement.

Support without personal engagement

Content donations

Organizations may not wish to engage with Wikimedia projects directly, but if they have media which is of interest to Wikipedians, then they may wish to make it more available. Organizations which host Wikipedians in residence frequently do this. Any organization can do this. Here are some examples of this happening:

Event hosting

The Wikipedia community is mostly volunteers, and they are enthusiastic about discussing Wikipedia. It is helpful when organizations host Wikipedia community events where people can meet and edit Wikipedia together. These kinds of events happen regularly. Here are some examples: