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These are the bimonthly reports of work completed by James Hare.

Paid Jan, Feb, Mar


  • Project management
    • Set up based on existing tasks + newly recorded ones
    • Closed completed / outdated tasks with help of Doc James
    • To research: strategy for getting NC Commons onto Afrikaans Wikipedia, OWID on Basque Wikipedia, price quotes for MDWiki/NCCommons bug fixes.
  • Virtual machines
    • Working on plan for VM operating system upgrade
    • Requested (and received) additional capacity to set up new VMs.


  • Setting up next tasks on workboard
  • Work on building new CT Scan Viewer


  • CT Scan Viewer
    • My attempts to rewrite it from scratch did not work, but found in the meantime that the current one technically supported scroll functionality, you just had to know to scroll on the image. This is a terrible user experience.
    • I've asked Brian Wolff to work on custom scrollbar for CT Scan Viewer starting early March.
  • MDWiki
  • OurWorldInData extension
    • I've asked for Kunal Mehta for advice on how to proceed. We could create a user consent widget, but this may not be the problem we want to solve for if we could instead solve for the problem on setting up the OWID proxy in Wikimedia production, bypassing this need for the consent widget. (Wikimedia Cloud is not production.) If the consent screen would be the faster route and this wouldn't get shut down by the gatekeepers of production, we should go this route. If it would take as much time to go the proxy-in-production route (or less), we should do that instead.
  • NCCommons strategy
    • Afrikaans Wikipedia is working towards an exempt doctrine policy for noncommercial images. If we don't want to wait months or years for Site Reliability Engineering to get around to creating NC Commons on their servers, a logical first step would be to upload the select images we wanted to upload to Afrikaans Wikipedia and use that as a seed set. Then when NC Commons is finally created on Wikimedia servers, they will already have the images on their servers – they'll just need to move them from one wiki to another.
  • OurWorldInData Mirror
    • Setting up VMs with Debian 12 operating system in progress.
  • VideoWiki
    • Setting up VMs with Debian 12 operating system in progress. Fix will be attempted as part of this
    • Ideas:
      • Build VideoWiki as Docker containers deployed on Cloud VMs with Docker Compose
      • Bring the Amazon S3 container into Wikimedia Cloud


  • CT Scan Viewer:
  • MDWiki:
    • Work on image styling of mirrored articles still pending
  • OurWorldInData:
    • If the data in the extension is not capable of being updated, we may have to go back to the drawing board. Rather than work around their processes, we should work with them on a more reliable workflow.
  • NC Commons:
    • Discussing with Kunal Mehta what we want our strategy for this to be. Getting full approval for an NC Commons project could take years, but Afrikaans Wikipedia and their new exempt doctrine policy would be a good place for a proof of concept.
  • VideoWiki:
    • I have started the process of converting Tim's install scripts into Dockerfiles for each of the requisite services (app, database, video converter). This will make it easier to migrate the system between VMs in the future, and to have the same environments for development as production.
    • In attempting to rebuild the app frontend I ran into (expected) issues with outdated dependencies in Node.js. I would like to outsource the work to modernize this; see T359905.


  • Deployed CTScanViewer to MDWiki, Wikimedia Commons
  • Analysis of issues with OurWorldInData extension and process


  • James Hare has been busy planning for a conference, so more work will be done later this month.
  • In the meantime, Brian Wolff has been assigned to work on a new OWID gadget that pulls data directly from OWID.
  • Collaborating with NIOSH to set up content translation for occupational safety and health topics