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These are the monthly reports of work completed by Ibrahem Al-Radaei.

Paid 2024 Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr


  • Translation Dashboard:
    • New button items added to the leaderboard for additional functionality such as getting texts like:
      • #{{#target:User:Drgulcu|}}
    • Introduced the ability to edit and add new QIDs (Wikidata IDs) within the web application.
  • NcCommons:
      • Wrote code to collect all information about images that had already been uploaded before, as well as for those we planned to upload.
      • Collected case information such as authors and studies.
      • Created a category for each case and an image set for each study.
      • Enhanced image upload support to handle BMP images:
        • Some images were not uploaded because they were with the bmp extension, which is not supported, so I wrote a small code to convert the image to the jpg extension, and the bot now resumes work on the missing one.
      • All images:
      • All sets:
      • First phase:
        • Cases to work: 2452, Total uploads : ~392k
        • Fix an issue of images links in 160 sets appears at "Category:Pages with broken file links"
        • Merge ~ 100 duplicate categories example. (update texts, move files, delete old categories.)
      • Second phase:
        • Rewriting some parts of the code, to avoid uploading duplicate images and duplicate categories.
          • Enhanced script capabilities for categorizing Radiopaedia cases and updating system information.
          • Fixed issues related to file path updates and method calls.
          • Adjusted image upload methods to handle URLs and count more efficiently.
        • Cases to work: 45,236 cases
  • ToolForge python files:
    • A temporary solution for problem The object has died (overwritten or deleted) and cannot be mutated. 5j9/wikitextparser#127
    • Implemented new SQL functions for database interactions, including query execution and result formatting.
    • Developed a Python module for Wikimedia database queries.


  • Translation Dashboard:
    • New functionalities for editing, managing, and processing translation types have been implemented, streamlining the interaction with and modification of translation type data through a user-friendly web interface. due to the problem of not saving modifications when sending them in the old way, which includes about 2,900 addresses and 3 entries for each address, which causes the transmission to be aborted. #26
    • same thing for Emails tab.
    • Translate Type:
      • Changed default cat parameter to 'All' and updated lengthMenu values in DataTable to [250, 500].
    • Fixed a bug where 2024 views were not counted in the leaderboard.
    • A new Coordinator Tool to modify information of translated articles, such as the title, when the page is moved to another title. #30
    • A new Coordinator Tool has been added to handle articles published on user pages. #35
    • Fix an error that occurs while processing references in the article "Borderline personality disorder" reported by user "Aliya Furrukh". #36
    • Generate articles list after login automatically, without having to hit "do it".
  • NcCommons:
      • Introduced new functionalities for efficient handling of files, categories, and sets in the mass editing process. #44
  • ToolForge python files:
    • Developed a Python module for Wikimedia API works for and and any wikimedia framework site. code
    • Introduced a new script for post-translation processes, enhancing the integration with external databases and wikis. Such as fixing references, adding translated articles to the database.
    • Python code to check moved or deleted translated articles, get the new title and add it to the database. #36
    • Python code to search for pages that are published on users pages. #43
    • New functionality for fixing redirects and updating QIDs. #56


  • Translation Dashboard:
    • Improved data handling by removing duplicates from title and missing item lists. (#42)
    • Enhanced file handling by introducing a new function for reading and decoding JSON files. (#44)
    • Added year and language filters to the leaderboard pages, allowing users to refine their search results. (#47)
  • ToolForge Python Files:
    • Radiopaedia:
      • Introduced improved error handling for image saving with automatic renaming on failure. (#59)
      • Introduced a new analysis tool for processing and analyzing radiology cases and studies, including generating summary reports and updating a wiki page (User:Mr. Ibrahem/Radiopaedia) with the results. (#60)
      • Enhanced data handling to automatically add missing information and track additions. (#64)
      • Introduced a feature to retrieve detailed user information, including location and profile URL, through web scraping, and implemented a new bot functionality to update and generate author lists, enhancing the management of author data. (#65)
      • Implemented a script to save and display author information on a wiki page (User:Mr. Ibrahem/Radiopaedia authors). (#70)
      • Added a script for managing Radiopaedia case and author categories. (#78)
      • Enhanced the handling of author information across various parts of the application. Key improvements include loading author details from a JSON file, incorporating author URLs and locations into displayed categories, and filtering for authors with significant contributions. There's also a tweak in how category links are generated, alongside better presentation of author info in image texts. (#82)
      • Added a script for retrieving and processing wanted categories and unused categories from an API related to Radiopaedia cases. (#90)
      • Fixed an issue with incorrect file extensions during uploads, improving the upload success rate. (#93)
      • Introduced a script to process and sort author information by location and associated cases in the United States. (#97)
      • Fixed an issue with the handling of PD medical pages, ensuring accurate data fetching and storage. (#107)
      • Added a script to automatically add a PD-medical template to images in American authors' categories, and to add "Template:PD-medical" to images uploaded by Fæ. (#110)
    • NC Commons Import Bot:
      • Introduced a script to import images from to Wikipedia sites by parsing and extracting the filename from Template:NC and replacing the template text with wiki text to display the file on different pages. (#101)
      • Enhanced file import functionality to support the new API for uploading files from NC Commons to Wikipedia. (#102)
      • Streamlined the file upload process with better error handling, allowing fallback to alternative upload methods if "upload by URL" returns errors. (#105)
      • Added "Category:Files imported from NC Commons" to files, and "Category:Contains images from NC Commons" to the pages.