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Wiki Project Med

James Hare

James Hare is our project coordinator. He started in 2024. Work reports for 2024.

Ibrahem Al-Radaei

Ibrahem Al-Radaei manages the technical side of our translation dashboard and does mass uploads to NC Commons. Work reports for 2024.

Lucas Rosnau

Lucas Rosnau is coordinating our recruitment of volunteer translators. He joined us in 2024. Work reports for 2024.

Ryan Schmidt

Ryan Schmidt manages the hosting of MDWiki and NC Commons. He has been with us since our launch here in July of 2020.

Jake Orlowitz

Jake Orlowitz heads our fundraising efforts. He joined us in an official capacity in 2023.

Brian Wolff

Brian Wolff is involved with developing software. Work reports for 2024.

Hassan Amin

Hassan Amin is involved with developing WPM:VideoWiki. Work reports for 2024.