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March 23 board meeting (17:00-17:00 UTC)

Draft Minutes of previous meetings (Jan & Feb) on Meta-Wiki at:
Draft Annual plan framework on Meta-Wiki at:


  • Shani Evenstein
  • Doug Taylor
  • Jennifer Dawson
  • Indira Godwa
  • Sam Zidovetski
  • Daniel Mietchen lurking from afar
  • James Heilman


Jenny is continuing with her Cochrane-related work on Wikipedia. Jenny is looking for ideas from group on what we may want from Berlin Conference.

Indira is working on launching Internet-In-A-Box (IIAB) in Ethiopia. Also an IOB (?) project in Nigeria.

Sam is also working on IIAB. He would like to know timescales for next batch roll-out (Ans: April 24). Looking for contacts in Syria.

Doug has been focusing on the embedded videos from Osmosis. He will edit five more videos to show what editing can be done simply.

James US-bank: adding his name to the account. Shani's name on account: she needs to visit the US in person. Therefore they will continue to keep James on the account and investigate how to get her to log on.

Internet in a Box: devices to asia have arrived, getting ready to ship. Wikimedia India: 10 devices to spread the news. Health Phone- (name) - Health and Education Trust info is on the device. Focus on content related to India. Goal: Ship the devices locally in India. Osmosis selling internet in a box on their website in approx a week. WMF store?

Daniel (via gmail): Unable to participate via hangouts. Happy to report that the first workshop on Wikimedia and disaster management went well - brief summary in .

Shani: Course work at Tel Aviv University. Move towards sharing globally and collaborating. Expect further updates next month on this.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of 23 February 2018 approved. No further matters arising.

Annual Plan

Goal: Go through it in order to agree/understand what we want to work on, who wants to do what, and then move forward.

Discussion on different ways of "improving content".

Translation Project:

   -Goal: Improve content
   -Doug- discourage the idea of using payment to coordinate translator initiative. Volunteers: find people who will volunteer in these areas. Partial scholarship for work completed "honorarium" consideration mentioned by James. Sam: Left with a hole when the person leaves, but reliable and efficiency 

increases when someone is paid. Benefits of steady income source for long term (i.e: 1 or 2 yrs) vs shorter contracts (months). Shani: WiR for a year? Financial incentive to stay on track...Payment schedule for WiRs is case by case. Payment via organization vs ? case by base. Importance of defining

role and ensuring funds for longer term. Many WiRs work in partnership with organization, therefore responsibility is in the hands of organization (management etc). Co-supervision (mentioned by Shani) to balance the management. "Memorandum of understanding" used in UK. Hiring staff directly or

indirectly is complicated. James: Hiring a new WiR would be very complicated. Low on the "agenda" as not enough resources. Direction: try to find more liaisons in communities/chapters to find partners in translation. Important to prove that as a thematic organization, we will work with chapters and

accomplish..(complete). Concrete things we can do externally: Translation without borders partnership and recruit translators within this platform. What is metric to what is happening right now and set a target for what is achievable this year. metric link from James: "inreach" and expand "outreach".


   -Identify affiliates or groups that we wish to work with. Wikimedia conference may be a good place to work on these and establish these connections. Wikimedia UK- potential connection.Doug can help, suggested that having a MD from WP:MED + Wikimedia UK staff would be useful to move forward. Why? 

Help recruit WP editing + Wikidata volunteers. Contact name: Helga Perry? NIS Wikiproject member as well.

   -CEE (central eastern europe) group of user groups- global community voice. Shani- suggested we stay in touch and keep up communication with this group. Shani can coordinate these efforts to attend (name of meeting?).
   -Education- potential to work more closely?
   -Wikiedu: need to follow edits after they make improvements. Doug: suggested Jenny write a blog post about experience on Queen's. Two abstracts on this are being presented on this at Evidence Live in June.
   -Educational effort: (James) Working to create a userscript to guide users regarding common mistakes that they make. eg: caps, placement of period/citation, internal references. Install on student acc'ts to have the script provide the person specific feedback and direct the student to correct 

these. Draft of user script has been done by volunteer Kyle. Goal: 1. build it (draft is complete). 2. Test the draft and trial it in a class. 3. Expand widely. Funding requirements: uncertain. External:

   -Continue annual plan at the next meeting.

Disaster management workshops for those of you who attend the Wikimedia Conference, please talk to other chapters/ user groups etc. whether they'd have an interest in organizing workshops similar to - Daniel happy to help