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Feb 23rd board meeting (16:00-18:00 UTC)

Attendees and updates

Shani Evenstein - Students wrote 66 new articles, half related to women's health. American students working particularly with ILAE (International League against Epilepsy) to create new articles on English WP. Both courses incorporate WD in them, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Daniel Mietchen, to expand research options for the students, related to WD. Also working on expanding the collaboration with ILAE to the global community.

Daniel Mietchen - organizing a workshop on Wikimedia and disaster management in Berlin for March 20 ( ); submitted a similar workshop to State of the Map ( ); half of PubMed-indexed articles now indexed in Wikidata; building some new literature corpora besides Zika: maternal mortality and veteran suicide ; exploring how to link papers to grants (e.g. as per ); site visit at the Zika forest on March 2; working on adapting machine actionable Data Management Plans ( ) to public health emergencies; gave a demo of IIAB at an Arduino workshop at UVa; will demo it again as part of a talk I'll be giving on Monday ( )

Jennifer Dawson - in touch with Charles from Contentmine (regarding using Cochrane content), becoming interested for the sake of medical articles and I am learning more about how this would help us keep the content up to date and improve the articles. Registered for Wikimedia Conference in Berlin in April 2018, and I am attending the Learning days Leadership Track session on the day before the meeting. Link to the page where we are collecting a list of ongoing educational initiatives editing medical articles

Lane Rasberry - February 5 2018 was the third year anniversary of wiki Relationship with Touro school of Osteopathic Medicine. Fast uptake of training for Wikidata throughout New York City.

Doug Taylor - Working with folks on Contentmine. Getting ready for Berlin (doing open and closing sessions for Board Training track).

James Heilman - updates to fundraising: WP Med has $6000. James is visiting a bank in United States to get more control over account as step to planning for Wiki Med to better manage it. Potentially another $1,000 that could be accessed.

Sam Zidovetski - published an abstract and selected to present 16 March on Internet in a Box to the Consortium for Universities in Global Health. Various deployments of Internet in a Box including in Syria, Bangladesh, elsewhere. Working with Ross Donaldson at WikiEM (Wiki Emergency Medicine). Also working with ICEJm FAI, Shani says contact amaliah, Sam is working with, and UCR.

Carl Sjoland


  1. Short update from participants.
  2. Approval of previous minutes
  3. Banking issues -- suggestion to use James Heilman's hospital address for fundraising related mail till we sort the banking access issues.
  4. Discussion of annual plan for WPMedF based on priorities raised in previous meeting.
    1. Do we need to apply for any grant this year
    2. Wikimania
    3. Medicine Day (will be during the conference): -> please add suggestions
    4. What to do about the water crisis in South Africa?
    5. Who of us will be attending the Wikimedia Conference?


James raised the issue of the WMF's closing of Wikipedia Zero. This is significant for Wiki Med because the WMF has no obvious replacement program for outreach to areas with limited access to Internet. Wiki Med's Internet in the Box device and support for Kiwix offline Wikipedia seems like the most prominent developing program to serve this need.

Sam asked for resources for presenting Wikipedia to students / medical residents.

Daniel Mietchen had news (added above): Hackathon for sharing information from grant applications continued promotion of the Zika corpus project, which is a cataloging of all publications on Zika virus in Wikidata. Model for managing all

Approval of previous minutes

Doug raised the issue of maintaining the minutes from these talks. There was discussion about the process for approving minutes. After a discussion, all in attendance stated a wish to approve prior minutes. No one stated objections.

Banking issues

James raised the problem of managing the Wiki Med bank account. Most participants in the meeting had some common about how to manage it. The issue is access, efficiency of using banking services, and being able to accept donations or manage a grant or sponsored project if the opportunity ever arose. Problems include Wiki Med organizers who are not in the United States having challenges accessing US banking services. Reasons for staying in the US include that the US banking system is relatively easy to use with online donation systems and funders as compared to banking services in other countries. Lane said that he wished that Wiki NYC could manage a Wiki Med bank account but the chapter cannot make an administrative commitment at this time because of the lack of labor to offer. James, Shani, and Doug expressed some challenges managing routine costs of Wiki Med projects.

Carl asked about how we are keeping track of where Internet-in-a-Box is being rolled out to. James has kept track of those that he has recorded where they have gone to so far.

Annual plan

Annual plan with topics identified as important for WP:MED to engage in?

  • Content improvement
  • Translation (number of articles created)
  • Partnerships - Cochrane / ILAE / WHO / TWB
  • Education
  • Userscript -> currently up for the Google Summer of Code
  • IIAB
  • Metrics
  • Number of editors, number of refs
  • Outreach
  • Fundraising -> 10,000 USD goal
  • Wikidata
  • Emergency response
  • Conferences
  • Wikimania
  • Geneva Health Forum
  • CDC - disaster relief?
  • eHealth

Re: Collaboration between our various individual activities:

Daniel is happy to help with
- emergency response workshops in any of your countries
- Wikidata aspects of what you are doing