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Bubble hair deformity (Tutorial)
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Bubble hair deformity is damage of the hair shaft.[1]


It generally presents as patches of short weak brittle hair that feels rough.[1] It can be associated with trichorrhexis nodosa and trichoptilosis.[2]


The cause is typically chemicals and heat, particularly with temperatures greater than 125°C on wet hair, such as with the use of hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs.[2]


Diagnosis is by its appearance and can be confirmed by microscopy, where it is characterized by rows of tiny bubbles seen microscopically within localized areas of the brittle hair.[3][3] These air-filled spaces occur in the cortex of the hair shaft that correspond to the breakdown of keratin and local air expansion triggered by hot water passing through the shaft.[2] There may be an inherited predisposition.[4]


Avoiding excessive heat and chemicals can prevent and improve the condition.[2]


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