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Clinical presentation of skin NTDs





Infection Frequency/risk factors Symptoms Tests Advice and guidance AWaRe antibiotic use
Acute bronchitis Frequency:


Risk factors:



Air pollution[1]

Cough (>5 days) +/- fever[1]

Normal heart rate and respiratory rate[1]

Symptoms milder than pneumonia, though may overlap[1]

Investigations generally initially unnecessary in otherwise well adults.[2]

Consider testing for COVID-19.[1]

Mostly viral[1]

Typically resolve without treatment[3]

Yellow/green sputum does not indicate bacterial infection[1]

Cough may last weeks (10-20 days)[1]

Bronchodilators and mucolytics, though usefulness unclear[1]

Antipyretics (paracetamol, ibuprofen)[1]

Cold medicine[1]

Antibiotic not recommended, unless severe symptoms or weak immune system.[1]
Adults Children

Typically resolve without treatment.[4]

Antibiotic considered if fever ≥39.0 °C, bilateral otitis media in children younger than 2 years.[1]


  • CDC: [5]
  • NICE: Depending on severity and risk of complications, self care, back up antibiotic or antibiotic. Can expect course to last 4 weeks. Self care may include honey if older than 1-year, pelargonium (herb) if older than 12-years, cough medicines.[6]



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