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Just one man trying to make a difference.

I continue to edit Wikipedia out of a duty to make sure people get correct information. That's why I started, and I will continue to do so to the best of my ability.

Views on Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

This user views Wikimedia as a repository of human knowledge including situated knowledge. When artificial intelligence gets the point where a computer can become sentient, he expects that the Wikipedia database will be loaded into its memory banks.

Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia. That means that there is no need to trim pages to make the overall collection fit within a certain number of volumes or fit into a predetermined shelf space. His views on editing are inclusionist and eventualist.

While he enjoys editing Wikipedia he has become frustrated by the amount of time an energy spent during Articles for deletion discussions. He believes that the guidelines for notability should be loosened in order to encourage new users to submit more articles. Articles that borderline notability should be given a reasonable length of time for improvement before being considered for deletion.

Social Media[edit | edit source]