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I am Stuart Ray, M.D., a physician-scientist and Professor (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases; research focus in virology, immunology, and computational biology) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine. I am here to promote awareness of and engagement with Wikipedia among members of my university community, because I see WP as an immensely valuable (even if not flawless) resource for the world that we can collaboratively improve. I made some comments about this during my talk at WikiConference USA in October 2015, and on a very similar theme at Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm.

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I am a board member (elected volunteer) of the WikiProject Medicine Foundation (starting April 2019); I have since become co-Treasurer and Vice Chair of the board.

If you have a WP-related comment or question please use my Talk page or send email. If you send me WP-related email I'm likely to copy it to my Talk page and reply there. In real life, my home page is here. My ORCiD is 0000-0002-1051-7260.

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I edit WP on my own behalf - my edits are not on behalf of my employer, any funding agency, or any other entity. I have never been paid or otherwise induced to edit Wikipedia.

I endeavor to avoid editing in areas that would result in real or perceived conflict of interest (please notify me if you think I've crossed this line).

Resources for new medically-oriented editors

Great starting point:

more general:

Advice/answers/FAQ pointers: - a useful essay on WP's approach to sourcing of medical content

WP visits NLM (July 2013)

Help with

Writing technical articles - consider (writing for an audience one training level below the usual audience for the topic)