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Section of eccrine carcinoma, example image at 640x480 pixels with watermark.
Adult bed bug, 864x915 pixels and published with no watermark.


This is a batch upload of images from DermNet NZ released as CC-BY-NC-ND. The release is limited to images with watermarks, and these watermarks vary in format.

DermNet list of topics:

These uploads are the first local mass upload of images to mdwiki. The upload uses a Python Pywikibot script. Some mw:Pywikibot configuration tips are at User:Fæ.

Configuration and technical

Files are named in the format:

File:<title> (DermNet <DermNet short file name>).jpg

The titles are converted to a safe character set, often replacing unallowed characters with hyphens.

If the deduced title is over 200 characters, the filename format is:

File:DermNet <DermNet short file name>.jpg

Where the source topic page has no 'h1' formatted title line, the page is skipped.

As template:Information, conventionally used on image pages is not yet functional on this wiki, the image page summary section has been left as a text list without templates.

Due to limited description texts, the image page description reuses the source website's figure title.

The DermNet 'topic' title is used as a category and may appear as a red-link, though a second pass should be creating categories under the parent Category:Skin topics when the categories are not empty. All individual images are added to Category:DermNet images as a bucket category.

The source code is at github.


The non-commercial and no derivatives constraints make the files against policy to upload to Wikimedia Commons. Other projects such as the English Wikipedia have potential fair use provisions, but there is no consensus for whether this would be appropriate.

A default author or attribution is given as "DermNet New Zealand". The DermNet site does not suggest or list any other attribution, however, the EXIF data for a photograph may contain a copyright field with a more specific author.

Watermarks on these files are protected under the no derivatives requirement. On Wikimedia Commons it is common practice to allow the removal of watermarks.

Bugs and other stuff

Some images on DermNet are in multiple locations, these may be attempted as different files as the derived "titles" are based on the display page rather than intrinsic to the image file. The duplicates get rejected at the point of upload thanks to the mdwiki API flagging the digitally identical file.