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  • Deleted image never replaced[1]
  • Does this belong in the first sentence?[2]
  • Was correct before per the source[3]
  • Removed reffed content and replaced it with unreffed content[4]
  • Primary source from a group who have been at this a long time[5]
  • Wondering how long before the "citation needed" tags are added?[6] Followed by the content being removed as it is unreferenced...
  • Humans no longer animals[7]
  • Yes it is[8] ref[9]
  • Switching from writing for a general audience to writing for a technical audience. Despite 23 years of education I would need to look up "Asthenopia".[10] Also replacing newer open source with older one closed source.
  • Incorrect. Symptoms not another name[11]
  • No ref[12]
  • Incorrect[13]
  • Copied and pasted[14]
  • Images progressively become smaller[15]
  • Issues[16]
  • Made more technical[17]
  • Same mass of content dropped into a bunch of articles. Some cleaned up others not.[18]
  • Not supported by the ref[19]
  • Ref supported the prior bit[20]
  • Changed text to being wrong[21] Ref says "Most clinicians recommend use of insulin during pregnancy in diabetic patients to maintain optimum control of blood glucose concentrations."[22]
  • Not what the ref supports[23]
  • Unclear what was wrong with this content[24]
  • User has been trying to remove the other position on this for years[25] but leaves the reference


The price of condoms in the USA is notable but not other countries.[26] Price of insulin is notable in the UK and USA but not low and middle income countries.[27]

Here we have removal of the cost despite an in depth review of the topic provided.[28]


Complexity and the primary topic Benzoyl peroxide...

Excited delirium