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Eyelash trichomegaly-eyelashes became excessively elongated, curly and irregular ( erlotinib)

Trichomegaly is a congenital condition in which the eyelashes are abnormally long,[1] greater than 12mm in the central area and 8mm in the peripheral. The term was first used by H. Gray in 1944 in a publication in the Stanford Medical Bulletin,[2] though he was only the third person to characterize the disorder; the first two reports were published in German in 1926 and 1931 by Reiter and Bab, respectively.[3] Gray suggested the use of the term "movie lashes" to describe this condition, for long lashes were at the time being portrayed in film as a desirable characteristic in women.


There are several causal agents for this disorder; these can be divided into three main categories and include the following:[4]

Congenital Syndromes

Acquired disorders



Diagnosis , genetic not acquired, can be done via genetic tests[5]

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