Stercoral colitis

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Stercoral colitis
CT of a 30-year-old with stercoral colitis showing rectal dilatation (star) due to fecal impaction; and rectal wall thickening (arrow) and perirectal fat stranding (arrowheads) due to inflammation.[1]
SpecialtyGeneral surgery, gastroenterology
SymptomsNone, abdominal distension, nausea, abdominal pain[1]
ComplicationsIschemic colitis, colonic perforation[1][2]
Usual onsetElderly[3]
Risk factorsConstipation, dementia, opioids, mental health problems, unable to walk[3][2]
Diagnostic methodCT scan[3]
Differential diagnosisDiverticulitis, appendicitis, bowel obstruction, mesenteric ischemia, infectious colitis[1]
TreatmentLaxatives, digital disimpaction, surgery[3]

Stercoral colitis is when severe constipation results in inflammation of the colon.[1] Symptoms vary from none to, abdominal distension, nausea, and abdominal pain.[1] Complications can include ischemic colitis, resulting in crampy pain or colonic perforation resulting in severe pain of sudden onset.[1][2]

Risk factors include long-term constipation, dementia, long-term opioid use, mental health problems, and being unable to walk.[3][2] The underlying mechanism involves increased pressure in the colon which may include a fecaloma (dehydrated stool).[2] Diagnosis may be supported by CT scan.[3]

Management may involve the use of laxatives or digital disimpaction, which may require admission to hospital.[3] If this does not work, or perforation is present, surgery is required.[3] Stercoral colitis is rare.[1] Less than 150 cases resulting in perforation have been described as of 2019.[4] Most of those who are affected are old.[3] It was first described in 1894.[4][5]


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