Serous tumor of the ovary

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Serous tumour
Serous carcinoma cytology.jpg
Micrograph of serous carcinoma, a type of serous tumour.

Serous tumor of the ovary is a class of ovarian tumor.[1] It comprises both noncancerous and cancerous types.[2] Types include serous cystadenoma of the ovary, serous borderline tumor, serous carcinoma non-invasive low grade, low grade serous carcinoma, and high-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary.[1]


Class Type Subtypes Epidemiology Comments Micrograph Image
Serous tumor of the ovary[1] Benign serous tumors Serous cystadenoma of the ovary
Serous surface papilloma
Serous adenofibroma
Serous borderline tumor Serous borderline tumor, micropapillary variant
Malignant serous tumors carcinoma Low grade serous carcinoma
High-grade serous carcinoma of the ovary Arises mostly from epithelium of fallopian tube end (fimbria).[1]


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