Retrobulbar bleeding

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Retrobulbar bleeding
Other names: Retrobulbar hemorrhage
Anatomy of the orbit

Retrobulbar bleeding, also known as retrobulbar hemorrhage, is when bleeding occurs behind the eye.[1] Symptoms may include pain, bruising around the eye, the eye bulging outwards, vomiting, and vision loss.[1] Complications may include orbital compartment syndrome (OCS).[2]

Retrobulbar bleeding can occur as a result of trauma to the eye, surgery to the eye, blood thinners, or an arteriovenous malformation.[1]

In those with significant symptoms lateral canthotomy with cantholysis is indicated.[1] This is recommended to be carried out within two hours.[1] The condition is rare.[1]

Retrobulbar bleeding due to orbital trauma resulting in orbital compartment syndrome[3]


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