Phakomatosis pigmentokeratotica

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Phakomatosis pigmentokeratotica
Other names: Organoid nevus with sebaceous differentiation, a speckled-lentiginous nevus, and other associated anomalies [1]
Phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica (without extracutaneous abnormalities)-a)(A) Showed hyperkeratosis, moderate papillomatosis and acanthosis b) immature and inceased sebaceous glands were observed

Phakomatosis pigmentokeratotica is a rare neurocutanous condition characterized by the combination of an organoid sebaceous nevus and speckled lentiginous nevus.[2]: 634–5 [3]: 776  It is an unusual variant of epidermal naevus syndrome.[4] It was first described by Happle et al.[5] It is often associated with neurological or skeletal anomalies such as hemiatrophy, dysaesthesia and hyperhidrosis in a segmental pattern, mild mental retardation, seizures, deafness, ptosis and strabismus.[6]

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