PUVA keratosis

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PUVA keratosis
SymptomsSmall scaly bumps with a wide base and warty look[1]
Risk factorsPsoralen and ultraviolet A light therapy[1]
Diagnostic methodBy its appearance, skin biopsy[2]
Differential diagnosisActinic keratosis[1]
Frequency15%-30% after 5 to 8 years of PUVA exposure[1]

PUVA keratosis is a pre-cancerous keratotic skin lesion that arises from exposure to psoralen and ultraviolet A light therapy.[1] It presents as a small scaly bump in the skin with a wide base and warty look.[1]

It may appear similar to actinic keratosis, but differentiated by its appearance under the microscope; PUVA keratosis does not have solar elastosis.[2]

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