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Osler node
Osler node finger tip.png
Osler node on ring finger tip
Differential diagnosisinfective endocarditis

Osler nodes are tender pinky-purple small bumps found typically on the tips of fingers and toes in infective endocarditis.[1] The centre may appear pale and they may measure around 1cm.[1] They may appear on the sides of fingers and palms of hands, last up to a day and heal without leaving a mark.[1] Unlike Janeway lesions, which also occur in endocarditis, Osler nodes are painful with pain typically preceding the appearance of the bumps.[1]

Osler nodes are named for Sir William Osler.[2]


Osler's nodes result from the deposition of immune complexes.[3] The resulting inflammatory response leads to swelling, redness, and pain that characterize these lesions.

The nodes are commonly indicative of subacute bacterial endocarditis.[4] 10–25% of endocarditis patients will have Osler's nodes.[citation needed] Other signs of endocarditis include Roth's spots and Janeway lesions. The latter, which also occur on the palms and soles, can be differentiated from Osler's nodes because they are non-tender.[1]

Osler nodes can also be seen in


Osler nodes are named after Sir William Osler who described them in the early twentieth century.[2] He described them as "ephemeral spots of a painful nodular erythema, chiefly in the skin of the hands and feet."[citation needed]

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