Oral irritated fibroma

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Irritation fibroma
Other names: Oral fibroma, traumatic fibroma, focal fibrous hyperplasia
SymptomsSmall bump in the mouth[1]
CausesChronic irritation; cheek or lip biting, rubbing from a rough tooth or denture[1]

An oral irritated fibroma is a type of angiofibroma that presents as a small |bump in the mouth.[1] It tends to be firm, smooth, and dome-shaped or pedunculated typically on the inside of a cheek.[1] It is usually the same color as the rest of the mouth lining, and may be ulcerated or rough and scaly.[1]

It is thought to be due to chronic irritation such as cheek or lip biting, or rubbing from a rough tooth or denture.[1]

Histopathology of irritation fibroma. Low magnification (left) characteristically[2] shows a nonencapsulated nodular mass. High magnification (right) shows fibrous connective tissue with collagen bundles, and some blood vessels and fibroblasts.


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