Nevus comedonicus

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Nevus comedonicus syndrome
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a) Nevus along Blaschko's lines over the chest, b) over leg
SymptomsClusters of small bumps filled with keratinous plugs[1]
Usual onsetBirth to age 15 years[1]
CausesGene mutation[1]
TreatmentPore-cleansing strips, squeezing the comedones, applying tretinoin, CO2 laser, surgery[1]
FrequencyRare, males=females[2]

Nevus comedonicus, also known as a comedo nevus, is characterized by a cluster of small bumps containing keratinous plugs resembling comedones.[1][2] It tends to occur more frequently on the face and neck and may present in a linear, Blaschkoid or segmental pattern.[3] It generally appears any time between birth and age 15 years, and is usually unilateral.[1]

It is caused by mutations during development of the unborn baby.[1] If nevus comedonicus occurs with eye, bone and nerve abnormalities, it is called Nevus comedonicus syndrome.[3]

Treatment is with pore-cleansing strips, squeezing the comedones, applying tretinoin and CO2 laser.[1] Cutting it out may be an option if the disease affects a small area.[1]

It is rare, males and females are affected equally, and around half present at birth.[2]

Signs and symptoms


(H and E staining) (a) ×10 multiple keratin-filled pits in the epidermis with mild hyperkeratosis, (b) ×40 scant atrophic sebaceous glands in the dermis

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