Nerve sheath tumor

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Nerve sheath tumor
e,f) Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor immunoreactive for p53

A nerve sheath tumor is a type of tumor of the nervous system (nervous system neoplasm) which is made up primarily of the myelin surrounding nerves. From benign tumors like schwannoma to high grade malignant neoplasms known as malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, peripheral nerve sheath tumors include a range of clearly characterized clinicopathologic entities.[1] A peripheral nerve sheath tumor (PNST) is a nerve sheath tumor in the peripheral nervous system.

The primary Schwann cell differentiation and neoplastic proliferations are characteristics of peripheral nerve sheath tumors. For instance, the Schwann cell, which is the major neoplastic cell component of neurofibroma,[4] is cytologically distinguished by the expression of S-100 protein and wavy nuclear outlines.[5][6] A variety of peripheral nerve cells, including axons, perineurial cells, fibroblasts, and varying inflammatory components such mast cells and lymphocytes, are also present in neurofibromas. A population of CD34-positive cells with an unknown histogenesis is also found.[7] [8]


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