Mycobacterium malmoense

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Mycobacterium malmoense
Scientific classification edit
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinomycetota
Class: Actinomycetia
Order: Mycobacteriales
Family: Mycobacteriaceae
Genus: Mycobacterium
M. malmoense
Binomial name
Mycobacterium malmoense
Schroder and Juhlin 1977, ATCC 29571

Mycobacterium malmoense is a Gram-positive bacterium from the genus Mycobacterium.


Gram-positive, nonmotile, acid-fast and coccoid to short rods.

  • Environmental reservoir: soil and water.

Colony characteristics

  • Smooth and nonpigmented colonies, growth below the surface of semisolid agar medium after deep inoculation (as seen with M. bovis), 0.9 - 1.7mm in diameter.


Differential characteristics

Type strain

Strain ATCC 29571 = CCUG 37761 = CIP 105775 = DSM 44163 = JCM 13391 = NCTC 11298.


From the city of Malmö, Sweden where the strain used for the description was isolated from patients.


a-c)Lung disease due to Mycobacterium malmoense
  • Usually infects young children with cervical lymphadenitis or adults with chronic pulmonary disease, (mostly with previously documented pneumoconiosis).
  • Rarely causes extrapulmonary diseases and disseminated infections
  • The first case of infectious endocarditis by M. malmoense was reported in 2020 in Cali, Colombia. The patient was a 61-year old woman with a history of biological mitral valve replacement due to rheumatic disease, dermatomyositis and rheumatoid arthritis in management with methotrexate, chloroquine, and prednisolone.[1]


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