Multiple micronutrient powder

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Multiple micronutrient powder
Combination of
IronDietary mineral
ZincDietary mineral
Vitamin AVitamin
Clinical data
Defined daily dosenot established[1]

Multiple micronutrient powder (MNP) is a combination of at least iron, zinc, and vitamin A.[2] It is used to prevent malnutrition in children and during health emergencies.[3][4][5] The target age group is generally those 6 month to 5 years of age.[4] It is used by combining with food once a day for one or more months.[4][5]

While no side effects have been documented, abdominal discomfort may potentially occur.[4] Some versions of the product contain additional micronutrients such as vitamin C and folic acid.[3]

It was added in 2019, to the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.[2] As of 2015, more than 24 million course of treatment were distributed via UNICEF.[3] The price is about US$0.60 per 30 doses as of 2016.[3]

Medical use

Multiple micronutrient powder is used to prevent malnutrition in children and during health emergencies.[3][4][5] Its use has been found to decrease the risk of anemia.[5]


The defined daily dose is not established.[6][1]


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