Microvenular hemangioma

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Microvenular hemangioma
Other names: Microcapillary hemangioma[1])
PMC3861598 OL-07-01-0275-g00 (1).png
Multiple microvenular hemangioma-a) Dark red maculopapules on chest b)dark-red maculopapules on extremities
TypesSeveral variants[2]
Risk factorsPOEMS syndrome[2]
Diagnostic methodBased on appearance, dermoscopy, biopsy[2]
Differential diagnosisKaposi sarcoma[2]

Microvenular hemangioma is a noncancerous reddish blood-filled bump in the skin.[2] It tends to grow slowly to 0.5- to 2.0 cm, is not painful and typically occurs on the forearms of adults.[2]

It may occur in people with POEMS syndrome.[2] Diagnosis is based on appearance.[2] Kaposi sarcoma can appear similar.[2] Treatment is by cutting it out.[2]

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