Melanocytic tumor

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Melanocytic tumor
Noncancerous dysplastic nevus (left) and cancerous melanoma (right)

Melanocytic tumors are tumors developed from melanocytes.[1]


Melanocytic tumors
Types Subtypes
Melanocytic tumors in intermittently sun-exposed skin Simple lentigo and lentiginous melanocytic nevus

Junctional, compound, and dermal nevus

Dysplastic nevus

Nevus spilus

Special site nevi

Halo nevus

Meyerson nevus

Recurrent nevus

Deep penetrating nevus and melanocytoma

Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma

Melanocytic tumors in chronically sun-exposed skin Lentigo malignant melanoma

Desmoplastic melanoma

Spitz tumors Spitz melanoma

Spitz nevus Pigmented spindle cell nevus

Melanocytic tumors in acral skin Acral melanoma
Genital and mucosal melanocytic tumors Genital nevus
Melanocytic tumors arising in blue nevus Blue nevus

Mongolian spot

Melanocytic tumors arising in congenital nevus
Ocular melanocytic tumors Uveal melanoma

Conjunctival melanoma

Conjunctival nevus

Nodular, nevoid, and metastatic melanoma Nodular melanoma

Nevoid melanoma

Metastatic melanoma


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