Mast cell sarcoma

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Mast cell sarcoma
Usual onsetCan occur at any age.[1]
PrognosisThe median survival time is less than 18 months

Mast cell sarcoma is an extremely aggressive[2] form of sarcoma made up of neoplastic mast cells. A sarcoma is a tumor made of cells from connective tissue. Mast cell sarcoma is an extremely rare tumor. Only three cases have been are reported so far[when?]. Prognosis is extremely poor. People with a mast cell sarcoma have no skin lesions, and pathology examination of the tumor shows it to be very malignant with an aggressive growth pattern.[3] Mast cell sarcoma should not be confused with extracutaneous mastocytoma, a rare benign mast cell tumor without destructive growth. In the cases observed, mast cell sarcoma terminated quickly as mast cell leukemia; one of the most aggressive human cancers.[4]

Mast cell sarcoma, burgeoning polylobar tissue lesion of the right colon

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