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Vaginal tumors are tumors found in the vagina.[1][2]

WHO 2020 classification

Tumors of the vagina[1]
Type Image
Epithelial tumors of the vagina Benign squamous lesions Genital wart
Squamous papilloma
Tubulosquamous polyp
Squamous cell tumors and precursors Squamous intraepithelial lesion
Squamous cell carcinoma, HPV-associated
Squamous cell carcinoma, HPV-independent
Squamous cell carcinoma NOS
Benign glandular lesions Villous adenoma
Müllerian papilloma
Vaginal adenosis
Glandular tumors Adenocarcinoma, HPV-associated
Endometrioid carcinoma
Clear-cell carcinoma of the vagina
Mucinous carcinoma, gastric type
Mucinous carcinoma, intestinal type
Mesonephric adenocarcinoma
Other epithelial tumors Mixed tumor of the vagina
Adenocarcinoma of Skene gland origin
Adenosquamous carcinoma
Adenoid basal carcinoma
Mixed epithelial and msenchymal tumors Adenosarcoma
Miscellaneous tumors Germ cell tumors

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