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Benign lipoblastomatosis
Other names: Embryonic lipoma[1]
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a) Lipoblastomatosis – tumor indicates fibrous areas. b) Lipoblastomatosis -muscle fibers entrapped arrow

Benign lipoblastomatosis is a type of smooth muscle tumor.[2]

It consists of fetal-embryonal adipocytes, frequently confused with a liposarcoma, affecting exclusively infants and young children, with approximately 90% of cases occurring before 3 years of age.[3][4]: 626  The term lipoblastomatosis was first used by Vellios et al. in 1958, at which point the tumor became generally accepted as a distinctive entity.[5][6] Today Diffuse lipoblastoma is the preferred term for Lipoblastomatosis.[7][8] The tumor is rare, accounting for less than 1% of all childhood neoplasm,[9] and it has been found to be more common in males than females.[10][9] It often presents as an asymptomatic rapidly enlarging mass, occurring more often in the soft tissues of the extremities.[9][10]


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