Leishmania aethiopica

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Leishmania aethiopica
Scientific classification edit
Domain: Eukaryota
Phylum: Euglenozoa
Class: Kinetoplastea
Order: Trypanosomatida
Genus: Leishmania
L. aethiopica
Binomial name
Leishmania aethiopica
Bray, Ashford and Bray, 1973

Leishmania aethiopica is a Leishmania species.[1]

It is associated with cutaneous leishmaniasis also called "oriental sore". It comes under the old world group of Leishmania species, along with L. major and L. tropica which are other agents causing oriental sore.

a) Leishmania aethiopica, purple-red indurated plaque with a diameter of 24 mm on the left cheek b-d) photodynamic therapy


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