Intraoral dental sinus

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Intraoral dental sinus
Other names: Parulis, intraoral dental sinus
Parulis 1.png
Intraoral dental sinus
SymptomsToothache, small bump on gum, leaking fluid[1]
CausesResponse to an infected sinus discharging from a longterm dental abscess from a dead tooth[2]
Diagnostic methodAppearance, X-rays[2]
TreatmentTooth extraction[1]

Intraoral dental sinus, also termed gum boil or parulis, is a small bump on the gum.[2] There is usually a history of toothache and leaking fluid in the mouth.[1]

It is formed of inflammed granulation tissue in response to an infected sinus discharging from a longterm dental abscess from a dead tooth.[2]

Diagnosis is by its appearance and X-rays.[2] Treatment is by removing the affected tooth.[1] Antibiotics such as metronidazole or penicillin may be considered.[1] It can take a couple of weeks for the sinus to heal, and may leave a mark or scar.[1]

Cause and mechanism

It develops on the alveolar process in association with a non-vital tooth and accompanying dental abscess.[3] It is made up of inflamed granulation tissue.[2]


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