Hobnail hemangioma

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Hobnail hemangioma
Other names: Targetoid hemosiderotic hemangioma, superficial hemosiderotic lymphovascular malformation, targetoid hemosiderotic lymphovascular malformation[1]
SymptomsCentral brown or purplish small bump surrounded by bruise-like halo, typically on the trunk[2]
Usual onsetYoung to middle-age adults[2]
Differential diagnosisMelanoma[2]
FrequencyRare, adults, males>females[1]

Hobnail hemangioma is a skin condition characterized by a central brown or purplish small bump that is surrounded by a bruise-like halo, typically on the trunk.[1][2]

It may appear similar to melanoma.[2]

It was first described by Santa Cruz and Aronberg in 1988.[2]

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