Flat wart

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Flat wart
Other names: Verruca plana[1]
Verruca plana (flat warts) on the chin of a middle-aged woman
SpecialtyDermatology, infectious diseases
Usual onsetChildren, adolescents[1]
CausesHPV types 3, 10, 28, 41[1]
Risk factorsSun exposure, swimmers[1]
PrognosisMay resolve spontaneously[1]

A flat wart, also known as verruca plana, is a type of wart, a reddish-brown or flesh-colored, slightly raised, flat-surfaced, well-demarcated small bump of 2 - 4 mm in diameter.[1] Its surface looks rough and irregular.[2] It typically occurs on hands, legs and face, and several may occur in a line.[3]

At histopathology, flat warts have cells with prominent perinuclear vacuolization around pyknotic, basophilic, centrally located nuclei that may be located in the granular layer.[4] These are referred to as "owl's eye cells."[4]

Additional images

Micrograph of a flat wart


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