Fibrous papule of the nose

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Fibrous papule of the nose
Other names: Benign solitary fibrous papule, fibrous papule of the face[1]
Fibrous papule of the nose
SymptomsPersistent, usually solitary, unchanging, small, shiny, smooth, firm bump on or near nose[1]
Usual onsetYoung adult[2]
CausesUnknown,[3] originates in dermal dendrocyte[4]
Diagnostic methodAppearance, skin biopsy, histopathology[3]
Differential diagnosisBenign melanocytic naevus, early BCC[2]
TreatmentUsually none, shave excision,[2] electrosurgery[3]
PrognosisHarmless, longlasting,[2] recurrence rare[1]

Fibrous papule of the nose is a type of harmless angiofibroma that presents as a small bump on or near the nose.[1][2][5] It is typically dome-shaped, skin-colored, white or reddish, smooth and firm.[1][2] Less frequently it can occur elsewhere on the face.[3] Sometimes there are a few.[1] It may be shiny and remains unchanged for life.[3] There may be a central hair.[3]

The precise cause is unknown.[3] It is a type of angiofibroma which originates in a dendrocyte in skin.[4]

Diagnosis is by visualisation, skin biopsy or histopathology of one that has been surgically cut out.[2][3] Histopathology shows fibroblasts, fibrotic stroma and large blood vessels.[3] It can appear similar to a benign melanocytic naevus or an early BCC.[2] It may be mistaken for a nevocytic nevus, neurofibroma and pyogenic granuloma.[1] The presence of several should alert to seeking for other signs of tuberous sclerosis.[1] Usually no treatment is necessary.[2] Treatment for cosmetic reasons include shave excision,[2] and electrosurgery.[3] Following treatment, recurrence is rare.[1]

It is common, usually appearing in young adults and then remaining permanent.[2][4]

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