Farmyard pox

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Farmyard pox
SpecialtyInfectious disease
TypesBovine papular stomatitis, orf, milker's nodule[1]

Farmyard pox is a group of closely related Parapoxviruses of sheep and cattle that can cause bovine papular stomatitis, orf and milker's nodule in humans.[1]


Types include bovine papular stomatitis, orf and milker's nodule.[1]


Infected keratocytes in skin swell and die.[2] The stain Lendrum’s phloxine tartazine, may be used to identify farmyard pox inclusion bodies.[2] Other tests include culture, fluorescent antibody test and electron microscopy.[2]

Diferential diagnosis

Cowpox, horsepox and smallpox may look similar and the histology may appear the same.[2]

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