Eczema in pregnancy

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Eczema in pregnancy
Other names: Eczema during pregnancy
Atopic eruption of pregnancy, congruent with eczema of pregnancy[1]
SpecialtyDermatology, obstetrics

Eczema in pregnancy (EP) is a type of atopic eruption of pregnancy, along with prurigo of pregnancy and pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy.[3] The entire skin may be affected including the palms of the hands.[2] Onset is generally in the first half of pregnancy.[2]

Most of those affected do not have a prior diagnosis of eczema; though they typically have a history of atopic diseases and high IgE blood levels.[2] Many of those with prior eczema have it worsen during pregnancy.[4] Other risk factors include a family history of the disease.[1]

Treatment typically involves moisturizers, steroid creams, and antihistamines.[1] It is not a serious condition and does not affect the baby.[1] It often recurs in future pregnancies.[3]

Eczema in pregnancy is common.[2] It represents about 33 to 50% of skin diseases of pregnancy.[4]

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