Desmoplastic melanoma

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Desmoplastic melanoma
Other names: Neurotropic melanoma,[1] or Spindled melanoma[1]
Desmoplastic melanoma

Desmoplastic melanoma is a rare cutaneous condition characterized by a deeply infiltrating type of melanoma[2]: 696  with an abundance of fibrous matrix.[3] It usually occurs in the head and neck region of older people with sun-damaged skin.[3] Diagnosis can be difficult as it has a similar appearance to sclerosing melanocytic nevi as well as some nonmelanocytic skin lesions such as scars, fibromas, or cysts.[3]

Desmoplastic melanomas tend to recur locally, with distant metastasis being less common.[3]

Between 1% and 4% of all melanomas in predominantly pale-skinned populations are desmoplastic melanomas.[4] The male to female ratio is 1.75:1.[4] The average age of onset is over 665 years.[4]

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